Eco Concept

Eco with the DigitalEonice supports the eco-friendly approach by relying on environmental sustainability solutions that reduce the use of non-renewable energy in favor of Renewables,such as:

1. Use of zero-emission „Green“ SSDs that use solar energy for self-consumption.
It is our environmental and social duty to commit ourselves to doing our part and in our small way to opt for more eco-sustainable solutions.
Traditional Data Centers are also responsible for CO2 emissions!

2. Ecological printing: we rely on suppliers who use FSC and PEFC certified printing systems and raw materials.
This will give you the opportunity to use certified papers from sustainably managed forests for your products.

3. Creation of websites and online shops faster: if the page loads faster, less data has to be loaded.

4. User Experience and Mobile first: user experience and smartphone optimization help to avoid overloading unnecessary data and therefore reduce energy consumption.